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Polycrystalline silicon solar module

Introduce of Polycrystalline silicon solar module

We, Xiamen Dexing Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd offer a variety of solar panels, range from 3W to 300W,with high class to satisfy the growing demand for clean energy. As a vertical integrated manufacturer, Dexing Solar can produce solar products from wafers to modules all under the same high quality control. This makes us a reliable partner for solar modules in the solar market

Key Features of Polycrystalline silicon solar module

→Unique frame design to reinforce sealing and to prevent freezing and warping
→Strong aluminum frames to strengthen the load hold and to stand against high wind
→Special mounting holes on the frames for long and short side mounting
→High transparency low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance
→Advanced EVA encapsulation system with multilayer backsheets to better product modules


→Large on and off-grid solar power stations
→Commercial/industrial building roof-top systems
→Residential roof-top systems
→Other industrial and commercial applications

Limited Warranty

→25 years limited warranty on power output
→90% power output assurance for 10 years,and 80% power output assurance for 25 years.
→Please refer to warranty statement for warranty conditions in detail.

3 Standard multicrystallline silicon solar module

Standard multicrystallline silicon solar module

Standard multicrystallline silicon solar module

156 mutilcrystalline

Serie Name
Max Power at STC
DX145PFe Series
130W, 135W, 140W and 145W
DX190PEe Series
175W, 180W, 185W and 190W
DX215PDe Series
200W, 205W, 210W and 215W
DX245PCe Series
225W, 230W, 235W, 240W and 245W
DX290PAe Series
270W, 275W, 280W, 285W and 290W

3Customized solar module

According to customers’ requirements, Dexing Solar can customize module products of different sizes, powers and appearances.




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