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G24 LED Bulb

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G24 3W LED bulb

G24 LED Bulb


Commodity:  G24 horizontal plug-in light series     
Type: DXA-015A        
AC Input Voltage:  □180 ~ 240V / AC 50-60HZ   □90 ~ 130V / AC 50-60HZ   
AC input current: 30mA MAX           
AC power consumption: 3.0-3.5W/H           
DC Input Voltage: 185V / DC        
DC input current:17mA / DC constant current       
Light-emitting devices:High efficent and bright LED module,60 LEDs     
LED color temp:□3500K-4000K warm colors □5500K-6000k white □red□green□blue□yellow□purple        
Lumens: 300-400 LM(white白)       
Expected Life:>30,000 hours        
Similar bright light source:35W common incandescent light,  15W common energy-saving lamps

Waterproof level:indoor use         
Environmental temperature:-30℃ ~ +45℃        
Net Weight: ≒42g


G24 LED bulb

Spot Light Bulb


Commodity : G24 Horizontal Plug-in light series

Type: DXA-015        
AC Input Voltage:  □180 ~ 240V / AC 50-60HZ   □90 ~ 130V / AC 50-60HZ   
AC input current:   35mA MAX           
AC power consumption:   4.5-5.5W/H           
DC Input Voltage:    160V / DC        
DC input current:   34mA / DC constant current       
Light-emitting devices:  High efficent and bright LED module,51 LEDs series connection,parallel connetcion with the other 51.       
LED color temp: □3500K-4000K warm colors □5500K-6000k white □red□green□blue□yellow□purple        
Lumens: 450-660 LM(white)        
Expected Life:  >30,000 hours        
Similar bright light source: 40W common incandescent light,  18W common energy-saving lamps  
Waterproof level: indoor use         
Environmental temperature:  -30℃ ~ +45℃        
Size: 3.9*15.5CM        
Net Weight: ≒65g    




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